Annual Recital

Our Annual Dance Recital is not just a bunch of dances strung together - it is a show! Get ready for a great weekend of rehearsals, pictures, dancing, and fun!  If you and your children have ever dreaded Recital events, something just isn't right. Dress rehearsals need not creep into the wee hours of the morning. Young dance students should not be expected to perform like professionals. After all, this is a learning experience for them. Their onstage experience should be rewarding and exciting!

A formal theater, backdrop, lighting, and costumes help to showcase the students' hard work throughout the year. They will create memories that last a lifetime. Parents and students can expect outstanding choreography and an entertaining show featuring all of the dance styles offered at All That & Jazz!. Most importantly, the recital is an opportunity for students to gain valuable performance experience. This is why we work so hard all year long!

All That & Jazz!'s annual recital is June 24, 2017 at Forest Park High School. There are performances at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 5:00 pm. Tickets are $5.00. Please contact the studio to purchase tickets. 

All performing students will need to attend the dress rehearsal on Friday, June 23. Students performing at the 9:00 am show will rehearse at 5:00 pm. Students performing at the 1:00 pm show will rehearse at 10:00 am. Students performing at 5:00 pm will rehearse at 1:00 pm. The dress rehearsal takes place at Forest Park High School

More details for current All That & Jazz! families are available below. We can't wait to see our dancers on stage!